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Small Business Expo

Small Business Road to Recovery Virtual Expo 

November 14, 2020 


The Office of the Treasurer is pleased to announce the Small Business Road to Recovery Virtual Expo. This FREE virtual event will take place on November 14, 2020, is designed to educate and inform small business owners about important resources and programs available to help create, grow and sustain their businesses, as well as help business owners make important connections.  

While this might not be a traditional in-person expo, we are committed to providing our small business community with access to important resources, particularly as we recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the upheaval of this year. In addition to business development workshops led by subject matter experts, and inspirational speakers, we are providing participants with opportunities to connect with financial and procurement experts and our vendor exhibitors through a virtual platform.

A critical component of our Expo are the vendors and the vendor raffle. Vendor exhibitors donate professional services as raffle prizes for small businesses that are represented at the expo. For example, law firms could donate their services to assist and guide a small business owner through the process of becoming a certified woman or minority-owned business. Similarly, a graphics design firm could help a small business owner by developing a marketing plan/strategy and creating some foundational marketing materials for the business to utilize. Through this raffle, small business owners make meaningful connections with other individuals and companies. 

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