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Treasurer Conyears-Ervin is committed to providing Chicagoans with financial assistance resources, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her Money Mondays with Melissa series highlights resources available through local, state and federal governments, as well as through local non-profits.  


Below is an archive of Money Mondays with Melissa, including contact information for all of our panelists.  


Monday, July 19: Are You Ready for College: Financially, Socially & Emotionally?















Money Mondays with Melissa – Virtual Townhall Resources and Information

"Dear Chicago City Treasurer,


I really enjoyed the Money Monday session that we were able to attend. I am a incoming freshman at DePaul and hearing some of the advice given out by the panel members was very beneficial. 


I enjoyed how the panel members informed us on how it is important to keep looking for scholarships even when you are already enrolled in college. I also appreciated when they talked about 529 plans. I never knew that you could save money for school and not get taxed on it all.


I appreciate you for letting my fellow greenwood project scholars and I for coming and being able to obtain so much useful knowledge that we can use for the rest of our life. I hope to be able to engage with you more as I move forward in my career journey."



Marvin Gibson 


Greenwood Project Scholar





Monday, July 27: Small Business Resources: Managing Through Uncertain Times














Rosa Escareno

Commissioner, Business Affairs and Consumer Protection

Business Affairs and Consumer Protection:

Contact: (312)-744-6060

Brad McConnell

CEO, Accion


Contact page:

Shelby Parchman

Managing Partner, InUrban Strategies

InUrban Strategies:




Monday, June 29: Investment Edition


















Ashley Evans

Chief Impact Officer, Office of the Chicago City Treasurer



Craig Slack

Chief Investment Officer, Office of the Chicago City Treasurer



Kweku Obed

Managing Director, Marquette Associates

Marquette Associates:

Contact: (312)-527-5500

Contact page:


Lorna Scott

Chief Investment Officer, Firemen's Annuity and Benefit Fund

Firemen's Annuity and Benefit Fund:

Contact: (312)-726-5832


Steve Yoon

Investment Officer, Municipal Employees Annuity and Benefit Fund

Municipal Employees Annuity and Benefit Fund:

Contact: (312)-236-4700

Monday, June 22: Part 3 - Road to Recovery: The Next Steps in the Fight for Financial and Racial Equity














Danny Davis

U.S. Congressman IL-7


Jan Schakowsky

U.S. Congresswoman IL-9

Contact: (773)-506-7100

Email form:


Monday, June 15: Part 2 - Road to Recovery: The Next Steps in the Fight for Financial and Racial Equity

















Karen Freeman Wilson

President and CEO, Chicago Urban League

Chicago Urban League:


Avis LaVelle

Executive Director, Business Leadership Council

Business Leadership Council:



John Gallo

CEO and Executive Director, Legal Aid Chicago

Legal Aid Chicago:

Contact: (312)-341-1070


Monday, June 8: Part 1 - Road to Recovery: The Next Steps in the Fight for Financial and Racial Equity
















Kam Buckner

Illinois State Representative

26th District



Jaime di Paulo

CEO, Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:


Information about Jaime di Paulo: 

Janet Ruiz

Director of Strategic Communications, Insurance Information Institute

Insurance Information Institute:

Information about Janet Ruiz:


Monday, June 1: Financial Health: Protect It Now for Your Future

















Paul Raymundo

CEO of the Resurrection Project

The Resurrection Project:


Kwame Raoul

Illinois Attorney General



Monday, May 18: Staying Safe - Protecting Your Home and Your Wallet  




















U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth 


Phone Number: 312-886-3506 

Help with a Federal Agency: 


COVID-19 Resources: 


Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx 


Phone Number: 312-603-1880 


Fraud Complaint Form: 

Consumer Fraud Resources During COVID-19 

Consumer Fraud Resources During COVID-19 - SPANISH 

Resources on Domestic Violence during COVID-19 


Illinois Housing Authority - Kristin Faust, Executive Director 


Multifamily Developer Questions: 

Homeownership/Single Family Questions: 

Phone Number: 312-836-5200 

Monday, May 11: Federal Resources: Where to Find & How to Use Them 
















U.S. Congresswoman Robin Kelly (IL-2) 


Phone Number: 773-321-2001 

U.S. Small Business Administration: 


Take Census 2020 by phone: 

  • English: 844.330.2020 

  • Spanish: 844.468.2020 


Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza 


Illinois COVID information: 

Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity: 

Small Business Assistance: 

Phone Number: 312-814-2451 

General Inquiries: 


Operation HOPE - John Hope Bryant, Founder 


HOPE Inside Disaster Program: 


Phone: 888-388-HOPE (4673)


Monday, May 4: Money Mondays for Resources and Financial Tips


















Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle 



Phone: (312) 603-6400 

Social Vulnerability index: 


Medical Examiner's Dashboard: 

Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership:  


Working Credit - Amanda Carney, Co-Founder and President 



Phone: (773) 904-9816; Mon-Fri., 9am - 9pm