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6/24/2020: Top bank execs join effort to combat systemic racism

6/23/2020: Activists pushing for banking reparations throughout the city

6/20/2020: Chase Bank Vows To Do Better On Lending in Black Neighborhoods

6/19/2020: Join Saturday's Community Cleanup to Beautify West Side

6/18/2020: City, State Treasurers Take On Systemic Racism in Banking

6/18/2020: Eliminating Systemic Racism in Banking - details from City Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin on Friday's Juneteenth Virtual Roundtable Discussion

6/12/2020: Here's Where To Get Groceries, Help Clean Up And March On The West Side This Weekend

6/03/2020: Photos: Peaceful George Floyd Protests Through Chicago's North and South Sides

5/31/2020: Protect Your Financial Health: REGISTER for Money Mondays with Melissa on June 1

5/14/2020: Next "Money Mondays with Melissa" Will Help Homeowners Protect Their Homes and Wallets during COVID-19

5/13/2020: How to protect your home investment during coronavirus pandemic

5/12/2020: Officials, Advocates Urge Small Business Owners To Be Persistent in Receiving COVID-19 Relief Funds

4/23/2020: City Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin Encourages Small Businesses To Apply For City Loans As Deadline Approaches

4/22/2020: Small Business Resiliency Loan Radio Spot

4/22/2020: City Chicago Treasurer Urges Small Businesses to Apply for Financial Assistance before 4/24/2020 Deadline

4/17/2020: City Treasurer's Website Offers 'The Help You Need And Where To Find It'

3/31/2020: Applications Now Open for $100 Million in Loans for Chicago Small Businesses

3/31/2020: Catalyst funds to offer relief to Chicago businesses and employees

2/22/2020: Chicago city treasurer hosts town hall meeting on financial literacy

2/16/2020: Chicago City Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin joins host Rick Pearson to discuss 'Dollars and Sen$e'

2/11/2020: City treasurer talks investment on the West Side

2/02/2020: City Treasurer's scorecard seeks diversity, social responsibility from financial firms


11/16/2019: Chicago-area female entrepreneurs encouraged to reach new potential at Women's Small Business Expo

11/16/2019: City Treasurer Hosts Expo For Women In Small Business

11/13/2019: Treasurer's Office To Host First Of Its Kind Women's Small Business Expo

11/11/2019: Women's Small Business Expo on Saturday at UIC

10/20/2019: Melissa Conyears-Ervin, Chicago City Treasurer, is determined to improve the city's economy

8/17/2019: Signs of life from city-seeded Catalyst Fund

5/21/2019: 'This means a lot for the West Side,' says new city treasurer

4/04/2019: Melissa Conyears-Ervin Easily Wins City Treasurer Runoff

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