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Financial Institutions

The Chicago City Treasurer serves as the investor and manager of all public funds for the City of Chicago. The office oversees an investment portfolio of more than $9.188 billion with a commitment to protecting the principal and maximizing its growth. 

About our Investment Philosophy

The Office of the Chicago City Treasurer is responsible for the active management of the City’s $9.188 billion general investment pool, which consists solely of fixed income assets and has an average “AA” rating. The overall conventional investment choices of the portfolio reflect strong protection against losses, as well as maintaining adequate liquidity. In addition, the pool has a low market risk profile and is based on conservative yet prudent investment policies.

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                Advancing Equity in Banking Commission 

               Learn more about how the office is working to reverse systemic racism and drive equity within the banking industry and increase investment in Black communities.  


                Investment Policy

               An appropriate set of guidelines and procedures for investment management with regard to investment objectives, investment parameters, administrative responsibilities, contractual needs, and reporting requirements.  


                2022 Broker Dealers

               Learn about the qualified Broker Dealers that facilitate the Office of the Treasurer's investment transactions.  


                Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

               Learn more about our pledge of diversity, equity and inclusion.  

              Municipal Depositories

                 The Chicago City Comptroller is responsible for the procurement of banking services for Chicago government agencies, boards, and commissions in a manner that presents the most advantageous solution to their individual needs.

              ESG Statement

               Learn more about our ESG approach to investing.