Tips from the Treasurer

As part of its commitment to youth financial empowerment, the City Treasurer’s Office has launched its “Tips from the Treasurer” public awareness campaign. “Tips from the Treasurer” is a comprehensive effort to deliver actionable financial education tools to Chicago’s youth by providing a core financial education curriculum that reaches them through the website, social media channels, and community events.

The City Treasurer’s Office has developed the core curriculum as a resource not only to youth but also to their families and educators. The curriculum is divided into three sections – Making Money, Managing Money, and Saving Money – that are designed to expose youth to basic financial literacy skills. The curriculum is free for personal and commercial use, with no attribution required.

Part I: Making Money

  • Exploring Higher Education
  • Getting a Job

Part II: Managing Money

Part III: Saving and Investing Money

  • Saving for the Long-Term
  • Investing Responsibly
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