View the Treasurer’s Office 2015 Scorecard

2One year ago, Treasurer Summers launched a robust plan to transform the way we invest in Our Chicago and asked the people of our City to hold him accountable. This effort began with the 90 day Action Plan and has been furthered by conversations that took place in each of Chicago’s 77 communities in 77 days. In an effort to continue providing unparalleled transparency and accountability, the Treasurer’s Office is honored to publish the first-ever City Treasurer’s Scorecard. This new tool captures the goals, progress and next steps on many of the initiatives that were developed with the input from Chicago’s 77 communities.

The initiatives were not only designed to save taxpayer dollars and enhance our community investments, but also to create much desired economic opportunity in every corner of our City. Over this past year, we have made great progress and we invite you to explore the work we have done together in 2015.

Please take the time to consider our initiatives and also let our team know your thoughts and ideas for what else you’d like to see from your City Treasurer’s Office. All of our work is driven by the voices of Chicago’s residents like you. To stay in touch and up to date on our latest news, sign up for our newsletter, the Benchmark Report, or join your neighborhood Think Tank. Please continue to engage, continue to play an active role in our work and continue to hold the Treasurer accountable as we pursue this vision together.

For a downloadable PDF version, please click here: 2015 Scorecard

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