Treasurer Summers’ Statement on Governor Rauner’s Proposal Concerning Chicago Public Schools

Chicago City Treasurer Kurt Summers today released the following statement regarding Governor Rauner’s proposal to take over the Chicago Public Schools system:

“Bankruptcy is not leadership. The Governor’s proposal is absolutely the wrong answer for our children and puts teachers at risk. The only people who stand to benefit from this irresponsible plan are the advisors and bankers who would collect millions in fees off the backs of hardworking taxpayers. Those dollars belong in the classroom.

“Though 87 percent of CPS students come from low-income families, CPS only receives three dollars for every four dollars the state provides to other school districts in Illinois. Parents and taxpayers should be outraged at this double standard.

“Instead of attempting to overtake local control of government, the Governor should show leadership and focus on his responsibility to pass a budget that fairly and adequately funds education and protects the future of our children.”

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