Treasurer Summers and Commissioner Tamley launch financial advisory council for the empowerment of people with Disabilities (F.A.C.E.D.)



Contact: Tripp Wellde

CHICAGO – As National Disability Employment Awareness Month comes to a close at the end of October, the City Treasurer’s Office and the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities are pleased to announce the launch of the Financial Advisory Council for the Empowerment of people with Disabilities (F.A.C.E.D.). Co-chaired by City Treasurer Kurt Summers and Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities Commissioner Karen Tamley, F.A.C.E.D. is an advisory council that will address challenges with access to banking and financial education in the disability community. F.A.C.E.D. held its inaugural meeting at City Hall earlier this month.

F.A.C.E.D. brings together a broad range of stakeholder groups, ranging from federal, state, and local government agencies to community organizations and educational institutions. It provides a mechanism to push forward coordinated efforts that improve the financial health of people with disabilities across the City of Chicago.

“As Chicago’s Treasurer, I have consistently fought for communities that have been left out of the economic equation,” Treasurer Summers said. “Too often, people with disabilities lack access to the tools they need to achieve their own financial empowerment, financial growth, and financial dignity. That’s why I am honored to co-chair this advisory council, and I want to thank Commissioner Tamley for her leadership in bringing this concept to fruition.”

“The statistics are staggering. People with disabilities are more than twice as likely to be unbanked or underbanked, as well as twice as likely to live in poverty, compared to the rest of the population. And we are all too familiar with the stories of our family and friends who live statistics like these every day,” Commissioner Tamley said. “I’m excited to be working closely with Treasurer Summers and the members of F.A.C.E.D., leveraging our collective resources to make a real impact on some of the most intransigent issues in the disability community.”

At the inaugural meeting, Michael Roush, Director of the Real Economic Impact Network at National Disability Institute (NDI), spoke about how F.A.C.E.D. will address some of NDI’s most pressing recommendations. “In October 2016, we hosted the Chicago Financial Inclusion Summit and developed a list of recommendations for addressing financial inclusion within Chicago’s disability community,” he said. “I am excited that F.A.C.E.D. will help us develop a comprehensive strategy to implement those recommendations, bringing people with disabilities more fully into the economic mainstream. I want to offer my deepest gratitude to Treasurer Summers and Commissioner Tamley for bringing us together to achieve a more just and equitable Chicago for all Chicagoans.”

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