Treasurer Summers Announces Chicago’s Q1 Quarter Earnings Call



Office of the City Treasurer

Kurt A. Summers


For Immediate Release
May 9, 2015

Alexandra Sims


Treasurer Summers Announces Chicago’s Q1 Quarter Earnings Call
Will Discuss Economic Impact of Investing in Our Communities; Invites Public to Join Call and Live Webcast Tuesday, May 10th at 11 a.m.

CHICAGO – Chicago City Treasurer Kurt Summers will lead the City’s Q1 quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016, at 11:00am (CST). The call will focus on the City’s finances and the economic impact of crime in Chicago’s communities. The Quarterly Earnings call serves as a tool to promote transparency and accountability and is a mechanism to share the financial performance of Chicago’s portfolio on a quarterly basis with taxpayers. The one-hour call and live webcast presentation will provide overviews of the global and national economies as well as the impact of investing in our communities.

“Chicago does not have a violence problem, Chicago has an economic problem that results in violence” Treasurer Summers said, “My obligation is to say that there is opportunity here. There is opportunity to invest in Chicago’s neighborhoods and on the call we will discuss the potential opportunity to invest in Our Chicago.”

Participants can hear the call by phone or watch by computer after registering online. Those who register online will be able to view a PowerPoint presentation which can be used to follow along.

Questions are welcome and can be typed in during the presentation to be answered near the end of the call.

To register for the call, please click here.


For any questions or help registering, participants can contact: or call the Treasurer’s Office at 312-744-3356.



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