STATEMENT: Treasurer Summers Applauds Mayor Emanuel and City Council Opposition on Right-to-Work Zones

Treasurer Summers today released the following statement after Mayor Emanuel and the Chicago City Council approved a resolution to protect the rights of Chicago’s working families. The Treasurer opposes Governor Rauner’s proposed “right-to-work” zones in Chicago and supports any hearing by the Committee on Workforce Development and Audit to have a full and transparent conversation with the public on this proposal.

“The governor’s proposal to tear down local labor organizations stands in stark contrast with the hardworking men and women who have made the City of Chicago what it is today. I applaud Mayor Emanuel and the City Council for standing up to this tactic which will only hurt our middle class and working families.

“It is no secret that the time for action on our greatest fiscal challenge is now. However, the only way to solve the City’s needs on pensions is through structural reforms. As Illinois residents faced with the same challenges, we are all in this together. Shared sacrifice is inevitable, but the answer isn’t on the backs of hardworking Chicagoans – that shared sacrifice has to include substantial movement from our governor.”

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