Educating Youth on Spending

Kids Budget Corner

Dear Parent, Guardian, or Teacher,

Welcome to our Kids Corner! I hope that this information helps you to engage your children in understanding how money is saved, shared, and invested. My son received the Money Savvy Pig when he was just four years old. More than just another toy – it was an interactive tool that my young child understood and continues to use even today, five years later. My son was able to visualize his goals and has applied those financial lessons learned at an early age to real-life situations.

It is my belief that our children must be empowered with key financial skills and it is never too early for them to learn. My goal is to make the Kids Corner page fun and educational. Download activities below to share with your kids.


Treasurer, City of Chicago

Here are some fun activities for you to learn more about money with the Money Savvy Pig!

Piggy Bank with sections for 'Save - Put coins and bills here for things you want to save up for.' 'Spend - This is the money that you're planning to spend soon.' 'Donate - Pick your favorite charity and save for it here.' 'Invest - This is the money you plan to invest in the stock market for the long term.'

Disclaimer: The Office of the City Treasurer does not profit or benefit from any sales of the Money Savvy Pig.