Chicago Uplift 2020

Chicago City Treasurer Kurt Summers has joined forces with Operation HOPE, a global for-purpose organization dedicated to financial dignity, to launch Chicago Uplift 2020, an initiative to bring financial empowerment programming to Chicago’s neighborhoods.

What is Chicago Uplift 2020?

Chicago Uplift 2020 is an initiative to bring the award-winning “HOPE Inside” programming model to Chicago’s neighborhoods. HOPE Inside will function within existing community locations that are accessible to local residents. The locations will be staffed with Operation HOPE financial wellbeing coaches who will provide financial dignity programming at no cost to the client, helping residents build their own businesses, raise their credit scores, buy their homes, and manage their personal finances. Operation HOPE has successfully implemented similar Uplift 2020 initiatives in other major cities, including Atlanta, Detroit, and St. Louis, providing resources to over 135,000 customers and proving a model that can be replicated in the City of Chicago.

Why is Chicago Uplift 2020 Important?

Chicago Uplift 2020 is a significant effort to address some of the most pressing economic and financial challenges facing Chicagoans. Chicago Uplift 2020 will provide residents with the tools and resources they need to address those challenges, bringing financial stability to themselves, their families, and their communities. The statistics below underscore how important this effort will be:

  • The median credit score for Chicagoans is 656, compared to the national average of 675;
  • 40% of Chicagoans are delinquent on their debt payments, compared to 34% nationally; and
  • 8.1% of Chicago-area residents are unbanked, compared to the national average of 7%.

How Can I or My Organization Get Engaged?

There are a number of ways that you or your organization can get engaged in Chicago Uplift 2020:

  • Become a Financial Sponsor: HOPE Inside offices are funded entirely through outside financial sponsors. Funds are primarily used to fund full-time financial wellbeing coaches who can offer individualized counseling and support to those in need.
  • Make an In-Kind Donation: HOPE Inside offices rely on outside partners to provide physical space, which tend to be rooms in bank branches, grocery stores, colleges, and other community facilities. In-kind donations for furniture, transportation, marketing materials, and other services are also essential.
  • Provide Feedback: HOPE Inside is designed to be most impactful for underserved communities in need of uplift. We welcome feedback on potential neighborhoods and/or locations for HOPE Inside, ensuring that our resources make the greatest difference possible in the lives of Chicagoans.

Where Can I Find Additional Information?

You can find additional information about Operation HOPE and the HOPE Inside model at For other questions or inquiries, please email:

Click here to download a PDF version of this one-pager.

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