Office of Financial Inclusion

The Office of Financial Inclusion (OFI) was created to maximize the strength and reach of municipal government to advance the cause of financial inclusion in Chicago. Housed with the Office of the City Treasurer, OFI is developing a comprehensive set of programs and tools to help people, regardless of background, get on a path to the financial mainstream and build a strong financial identity. A strong financial identity empowers individuals to better manage life’s financial ups and downs and create more stability and growth for their families and their communities.

OFI’s strategic vision is geared toward identifying effective levers that align with an individual’s stage in life:

  • Kids: Ensuring that youth are exposed to basic concepts of personal finance early through school and at home
  • Young Adults: Providing opportunities to build tangible financial skills through work and higher education
  • Adults: Ensuring that financially vulnerable adults have the tools to build strong financial identity through credit building, financial counseling and access to safe financial products
  • Seniors: Ensuring that financially vulnerable seniors have the tools to manage their retirement and protect themselves from predatory financial services




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