Kurt Summers, City Treasurer
Kristi Lafleur, Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Treasurer: 312-742-1852
Drew Beres, General Counsel, Deputy Chief Operating Officer: 312-744-7957
Miriam Martinez, Chief Investment Officer: 312-744-8422

Alex Shalak, Scheduling, Operations and Communications Manager: 312-742-1439


Dean Alonistiotis, Economic Development: 312-744-5800
Nancy Candelaria, Office Coordinator: 312-742-2733
Miriam Gutierrez, Assistant City Treasurer, Financial Education: 312-744-5196
Katie Hickey, Director of Communications: 312-744-2432
Tiffany D. Hightower, Director of Operations: 312-744-5195
Alexandra Sims, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Programs: 312-744-3363

Financial Reporting

Luis Frausto, Assistant City Treasurer: 312-744-2111
George Helding, Special Assistant and Policy Analyst: 312-742-1933
Robert Lee, Director of Accounting: 312-744-3364

Portfolio Management

Saeed Akhtar, Assistant City Treasurer: 312-744-4013
Mark Myslinski, Portfolio Manager: 312-742-1851