Office Organization

The Office of the City Treasurer is comprised of 23 employees across three divisions with an annual operating budget of $2.2 million dollars.  Management control of the Office is the responsibility of the City Treasurer’s Executive Office. The Office divisions are as follows:

Financial Reporting

The Financial Reporting Division is responsible for the daily accounting and financial reporting functions. The division records daily cash receipts, establishes bank accounts, reconciles bank statements, manages banking relationships, chooses from available banking services and establishes any necessary controls.

Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management Division is responsible for investing all funds under the control of the City Treasurer, while ensuring that the City’s daily cash flow demands are met. The Portfolio Management Division is also responsible for information technology and office administration.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Division is responsible for the development and implementation of programs that promote economic growth and financial literacy throughout Chicago’s neighborhoods.


Organization Chart

Org Chart